AMD close to securing 55% of discrete mobile graphics market

As we reported yesterday, the latest data from Jon Peddie Research say AMD managed to seize back 8.3% of the notebook graphics market over the past year. JPR numbers place AMD's market share at 29% for the fourth quarter of 2007, up from 20.7% the year before. Taiwanese site DigiTimes now quotes sources at notebook vendors that suggest this trend is likely to continue.

DigiTimes says its sources expect AMD to make significant headway in the discrete mobile graphics processor market next quarter, thanks largely to forthcoming adoption of its products by the world's two biggest PC vendors, HP and Dell. Supposedly, 55% to 60% of all high-end notebooks that will be sold in Q2 will feature AMD's M82 and M86 discrete graphics processors. These two GPUs are expected to have both lower power utilization and lower price tags than competing hardware from Nvidia, DigiTimes says.

This information corroborates statements made by AMD's GPU chief Rick Bergman last month. Bergman stated that AMD had secured a greater number of design wins than Nvidia for 2008 thanks to its M8x discrete mobile graphics processor family. The fact that M8x chips are based on 55nm process technology could indeed give them a power consumption advantage over Nvidia's products.

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