Deal of the week: Cheap laptop memory and an 8800 GT

We often feature memory bargains in our deal post, but we've never posted a notebook memory deal. The reason for that is simple: laptop memory typically costs more than the desktop stuff, and none of the prices out there seemed particularly attractive to us. That's changed today, as we've noticed that is offering a 2GB kit of Kingston ValueRAM DDR2-667 notebook SO-DIMMs for $34.99 shipped. That's actually cheaper than most big-name desktop memory, and it's a very enticing deal if your mobile workstation is running out of steam. You can even cut the price to $24.99 by paying with Google Checkout if you're not a user yet.

Our second deal today already got a mention in yesterday's new post, GeForce 8800 GT, Radeon HD 3870 hit near-price-parity, but we thought we'd feature it here again for good measure. ZipZoomFly is currently selling an eVGA GeForce 8800 GT 512MB graphics card for only $224.99. The card is in stock, and it's by far the cheapest 8800 GT 512MB we've seen to date. The $225 price tag won't get you a fancy, "factory overclocked" model, but eVGA does cover the card with a lifetime warranty.

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