Friday night topic: Surviving the writer's strike

I don't watch loads of TV, but I do like to unwind by getting away from the computer and watching one episode of something a few nights a week. Enjoying that diversion has grown more difficult since the writer's strike has started to take its toll on TV programming.

I've coped in several ways: by watching the remaining episodes of my chosen shows that have been queued up on my HTPC, playing some Wii Tennis, reading a book, following the election coverage more closely, and adding Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles to my list of shows to record. So far, those tactics have worked, but things could get ugly if the final season of BSG is scuttled by the strike.

Have you changed any of your habits as a result of the strike? If so, what are you doing to pass your leisure time? Do you think any of the changes will become permanent shifts in your habits? Discuss.

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