Intel's roadmaps

I know it's the weekend and people clear out of here, but for those of us who are remaining, let us take a look at a series of Intel roadmaps that have been posted on the 'net beginning with the Intel MPU roadmap. So you're saying you don't read Japanese. Well, fret not, as the roadmaps are in English for the most part. Let's break it down further:

Intel's MPU roadmap

Now, let's look at the Intel desktop CPU core (650Kb version). From top to bottom, the row names are mainstream desktop, value desktop, mainstream mobile, value mobile, low power mobile, and faster? low power mobile (the last two are similar).

Finally, we have the Intel chipset roadmap (740Kb version). Again, from to bottom, the row names are server, workstation, mainstream desktop, value PC, mainstream note, and value note PC. Pay particular attention to server (first row). If this bears fruit, we can make out the name Micron. At long last, does this mean that the vaunted Samurai DDR chipset will see the light of day in Q3 2001? Maybe this HardwareCentral report was more than just a "peek up Samurai's skirt."

Is this an OEM package? For some reason, the retail Pentium III 1 GHz SECC2 processors have begun to hit the scene in Japan in a white box. Funny, Intel.

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