Apple introduces higher-capacity iPhone, iPod touch

If you have a spare $499 lying around and like shiny gadgets with large touch-screens, Apple has released a pair of new products that could tickle your fancy. The first one is a new iteration of the popular iPhone that comes with 16GB of built-in flash memory. The device is otherwise identical to the previous flagship iPhone, which packs 8GB of memory capacity and is still available at the same $399 price as before.

Apple's second new product today is a 32GB version of the iPod touch, which broadens the touch lineup to three models: the $299 8GB flavor, the $399 16GB version, and the new $499 32GB model. Like the new iPhone, the new iPod touch is identical to its predecessors in all respects except for its built-in memory and price. Naturally, the device also comes pre-installed with the contents of the iPod Touch January Software Upgrade, which includes e-mail, Google Maps, weather, stocks, and notes in addition to the Safari web browser, YouTube, calendar, and contacts applications that shipped on the original iPod touch.

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