Vista SP1, Windows Server 2008 share new kernel

Yesterday, Microsoft announced that both Windows Server 2008 and the first service pack for Windows Vista have been released to manufacturing, and that they’ll become available to the public in March. Today, the folks at Australia’s APC Magazine made an interesting discovery that suggests Vista SP1 and Windows Server 2008 are linked by more than their RTM date.

According to APC Mag, Vista’s SP1 update quietly introduces a new version of the Longhorn kernel, numbered 6.0.6001 (version 6.0, build 6001). That version is one build newer than the one in the original Vista release, and it’s exactly the same as the one included in Windows Server 2008. APC Mag has posted screenshots of registry editor windows in both operating systems to prove it, too.

The site speculates that Microsoft hasn’t played up the kernel upgrade because “they’re keen to promote the improvements and enhancements to Vista, rather than placing emphasis on a kernel upgrade, which some people might see as a risk of newly-introduced instability.” There’s no word yet on the enhancements or changes introduced in the new kernel, though.

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