Vista Service Pack 1 could introduce new driver problems

Many users disappointed by Windows Vista see the upcoming Service Pack 1 release as a possible panacea that could make the operating system speedier and iron out outstanding issues. Speed improvements and bug fixes are indeed among the list of enhancements in SP1, but according to ComputerWorld, SP1 may also introduce new problems of its own.

In fact, ComputerWorld says such problems are the reason Microsoft has postponed the public SP1 release until next month, even though the service pack was completed and released to manufacturing on Monday. The site quotes Steve Sinchak from TweakVista, who says a number of testers "have seen issues relating to driver conflicts with SP1." In Sinchak's case, his Intel network card became sluggish after installing a pre-release version of SP1, and he had to use a tool called Msizap before uninstalling and reinstalling the driver to fix it. Microsoft reportedly blames such issues on manufacturers who failed to follow driver installation guidelines.

Luckily, Microsoft has taken steps to prevent users from running into similar problems. When it rolls out Service Pack 1 via Windows Update next month, ComputerWorld says, Microsoft will postpone pushing the SP1 update to users with potentially problematic drivers until those drivers are fixed.

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