Deal of the week: An 8800 GT and a power supply

We have a couple of deals for you this week. One of them is making a come-back from our previous deal post: Nvidia's GeForce 8800 GT 512MB. The card has gone down in price quite significantly over the past few weeks, and it's now widely available for less than $250. Today, we've spotted an XFX model that Newegg sells for only $229.99. This is a vanilla 8800 GT that runs at the default 600MHz core speed and 900MHz memory speed with all the necessary trimmings. You don't get any bundled games or "factory overclocking" out of the box, but considering the price, that's easy to forgive.

Today's second featured deal comes straight out of our latest review, Eight power supply units encounter The Beast. In the review, we gave Hiper's Type R Mk II 880W power supply our TR Recommended award for its high efficiency, very low noise levels, and integrated USB hub. This PSU normally costs $199.99, but Newegg currently sells it at a very enticing discount for $139.99 with free shipping. A $20 "instant rebate" is automatically applied, and you can cut the price by a further $40 by using the promo code "powersupply40" (without the quotes). If you're building a high-powered gaming rig or just upgrading so you can add an extra graphics card or two, this looks like a fine deal.

Update: It looks like the PSU Newegg currently offers at a discount is a different model, the Type M, which lacks a USB hub. Its specifications are similar to those of the Type R in our review, though, so it's still a decent deal—just not the particular model we actually tested. Apologies for the confusion, and thanks to TR reader CLeW for the heads-up.

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