Friday night topic: Wii!

The Nintendo Wii quickly transcended its status as a next-gen game console and has become a cultural phenomon—and for good reason. The Wii's appeal is immediately evident the first time you pick up one of its motion-sensitive controllers and begin playing Wii Sports, the killer "system selller" title that's easily accessible to gamers and non-gamers alike. Wii Bowling is even a hit in nursing homes, amazingly enough.

Personally, I joined the bandwagon when my wife got me a Wii for Christmas, and I've been digging the Wii Tennis lately. We now have four controllers, and I play with my kids.

So tonight's topic is all things Wii, starting with: When did you first try a Wii, and what did you play on it? What did you think?

Beyond that, if you have Wii, what games are your favorites? Does it even need any games other than Wii Sports? Does your Mii really resemble you? (Be honest.) What have you done with your Wii terms of setup, accessories, S-Video adapaters, and the like?  Any tips for Wii Sports? Have any stories of non-gamers becoming Wii addicts? Discuss.

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