Dell clarifies its AMD plans

Last Friday, folks who searched for "AMD" on Dell's website were greeted with an odd message. The message said Dell's AMD systems were no longer available online, and that they could now only be purchased from retail stores. Dell took down the notice shortly after reports of it began to appear, but that didn't stop a plethora of news sources from announcing that AMD had lost Dell as a customer—even though a cursory look through the company's offerings showed that AMD systems were still up for sale online.

What's actually happened is quite different from what some of the aforementioned reports suggest. Dell has spoken to both Engadget and Reg Hardware to clarify its plans, and so far it claims it is still committed to selling AMD systems online. However, Dell has made some changes to its lineup. Namely, while the Inspiron D531 desktop and Inspiron 1501 notebook will remain available on Dell's website, other consumer AMD-based PCs have departed the online store and will live on in retail stores only.

On the business front, Dell will continue to offer AMD-powered OptiPlex, Vostro, and Latitude systems online. And in the server space, Dell still has AMD-based servers listed on its website. In other words, Dell is far from having dumped AMD, although its infatuation with the company's processors in consumer systems appears to be waning.

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