Monday Shortbread


  • AnandTech reports that Phenom B3 is right around the corner...
  • Two undersea cables off Egypt and UAE repaired
  • Microsoft attempts to prevent Windows Vista SP1 from working
    with non-genuine installations of Vista
  • DailyTech reports that solar activity diminishes; researchers predict another ice age
  • bit-tech reveals the secrets of PC memory part 4
  • Tech ARP shares Intel G45 & G43 chipset details
  • Ask Dan: SATA controllers and trayless bays
  • Guru3D has Nvidia ForceWare 173.65 beta for 32-bit Windows Vista
  • FileShack and GamersHell have The Club demo
  • DriverHeaven reviews Intel's Skulltrail platform
  • Hard Tecs 4U reviews Asus Eee PC (in German)
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