Apple trademark filing suggests handheld gaming move

The Mac platform has had its fair share of initially exclusive game developers (Bungie and Cyan come to mind), but it's never really been associated with gaming. Apple has tried to break that image in the past, and its success is debatable. However, the company may now be preparing a different approach to increasing its popularity as a gaming hardware maker.

The guys over at AppleInsider report that Apple has made a filing to protect its trademark when applied to products like hand-held gaming devices, stand-alone game machines, and other related devices. AppleInsider says Apple could simply be trying to protect its existing handheld products, some of which can already play games. However, the site goes on to say that rumors about a significant mobile gaming move by Apple "have been rife for the better part of a year."

Analysts and casual game developer PopCap have reportedly hinted that Apple could be aiming to push for games based around the iPhone and iPod touch's multi-touch technology. AppleInsider also says some believe the company could even go as far as to roll out its own handheld gaming console.

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