GeForce 8800 GS becomes available on Newegg

How does nabbing a GeForce 8800 graphics card for around $180 sound? That’s essentially what Nvidia promised when it quietly added the GeForce 8800 GS to its lineup last month. The card was positioned between the 8800 GT and the 8600 GTS, and we saw it listed at some European online retailers for €166-186. However, it was nowhere to be found in North America.

Today, we’ve noticed that the card has finally reached U.S. shores. Newegg currently stocks two different version of it: this XFX GeForce 8800 GS priced at $179.99, and this slightly faster XFX variant priced at $189.99. Both feature 96 stream processors, 384MB of GDDR3 memory, and 192-bit memory bus widths. The cheaper model is clocked at 580MHz with 700MHz memory while its pricier sibling has a 680MHz core speed and 800MHz memory. Incidentally, the two flavors depart from the stock 550MHz core speed and 800MHz memory speed listed on Nvidia’s website.

We haven’t tested this card ourselves. However, benchmarks that appeared last month on a Chinese website indicate that an 8800 GS clocked at 775MHz/850MHz is about 21% slower than the GeForce 8800 GT overall. If accurate, those numbers suggest Nvidia’s latest offering performs quite commendably for a sub-$200 graphics card.

Update 7:55 PM: Newegg has dropped the price of the two 8800 GS cards to $159.99 and $169.99, respectively. Thanks to TR reader Matt for the heads-up.

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    • Dagwood
    • 12 years ago

    Looks like the card is on parity with the 3850 256MB

    I agree with mad, duel slot cooler is the way to go. I still think 3850 512MB with the duel slot cooler for $199 is a much better purchase should run cool / quiet and be a price performance winner.

    However! a single slot 8800 GT 512MB and a cheep slot cooler( that I already own) stuck next to it is looking beter and beter as the price drops close to the 200 dollar level.

    • d0g_p00p
    • 12 years ago

    So this card is a rebadged 8800GTS 320MB with faster core clock?

      • lethal
      • 12 years ago

      They are similar but there are some differences besides the core/shaders clock speed and process nodes. The new card has 12 ROPs while the G80 GTS had 20 and the memory bus is 192 bit wide instead of 320 bit. This means that the new card is probably slower that the original card, and it would fare even worse than the old GTS when applying AA since the memory bandwidth is about 50 – 75 % of the previous card.

      • toyota
      • 12 years ago

      NO. the 8800gs is based off the G92 core with one of the 64bit memory controllers disabled and 96 shaders instead of 112/128 like the G92 GT/GTS.

    • The Mad Duke
    • 12 years ago

    Ugggh, it’s got a cheap single slot cooler that will dump 100 watts of heat inside your PC case. No thanks!
    -The Mad Duke

    • Shinare
    • 12 years ago


      • BiffStroganoffsky
      • 12 years ago

      Sounds good to me…oh wait, I am still in AGP land. 😮

    • Flying Fox
    • 12 years ago

    With rebates some 8800GT 512 are selling for $200 flat. Wouldn’t that be a better deal?

    • flip-mode
    • 12 years ago

    No one is going to buy a card the TR hasn’t tested. At least it’s legitimately sub-$200.

      • Jigar
      • 12 years ago

      And how can you be so sure of that Flipy boy ???

        • eitje
        • 12 years ago

        i agree – i’m not buying hardware that hasn’t seen at least some kind of review here @ TR. I trust these guys.

        • flip-mode
        • 12 years ago

        I was being facetious.

    • DreadCthulhu
    • 12 years ago

    How well does it compare to Radeon HD 3850s that are right in the same price range?

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