Yahoo said to be in talks with News Corp.

As Yahoo attempted to hunt for alternatives to Microsoft's buyout offer last week, analysts commented that no corporations big enough to outbid Microsoft had shown interest in purchasing the ailing web company. (Google has been in talks with Yahoo, but antitrust implications make a merger between the two firms unlikely.) Today, Reuters has published a report that suggests other parties may be interested after all.

According to Reuters, media giant News Corp. has its eyes set on a potential deal with Yahoo. As part of the deal, News Corp. would combine the web firm with MySpace, another web company it purchased back in 2005 for $580 million. News Corp. has reportedly held "on-again, off-again discussion" with Yahoo over the past year. However, when asked by journalists about the subject last week, News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch asserted that his company "was not interested in bidding for or pursuing any transaction with Yahoo."

Yahoo formally refused Microsoft's offer last week. This refusal prompted Microsoft to issue a statement suggesting it could make an offer to Yahoo shareholders directly in order to push them to oust the company's board members.

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