Google updates Android developer kit, interface

When Google first unveiled Android, its Linux-based software platform for smart phones, it showed off a distinctive user interface with a Mac OS X-like "dock" that housed shortcut icons. Engadget reports that Google has now updated the Android developer toolkit with a rather different interface. The new UI seems to be designed for larger displays, and the phone frame shown in the emulator is more akin to that of an iPhone than that of the first Blackberry-like Android prototypes.

TR running on the Android SDK.

If you're interested in taking a peek at how Google's phone platform is shaping up, Engadget has a gallery of screenshots of the new SDK. The new UI looks cleaner, and its desktop is reminiscent of both Unix-y Nextstep-style interfaces of old and today's latest Linux desktop environments. You can see for yourself by grabbing the (free) SDK from Google's Android site and running the emulator included in the "tools" directory. The emulator includes a web browser, a Google Maps application much like the one included in the iPhone, sample applets, and more.

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