PlayStation 3 outsold Xbox 360 last month

Last week, Electronic Arts made headlines by saying it estimated that Sony's PlayStation 3 would outsell Microsoft's Xbox 360 this year. The prediction wasn't entirely illogical, since the PS3 sold better than ever in the fourth quarter and the Blu-ray format it champions seems to have largely won the battle against HD DVD.

As surprising as EA's prediction might have been, sales figures published by market research firm NPD for last month suggest it may very well turn out to be true. The NPD numbers, as quoted by Shacknews, say the PlayStation 3 sold almost as many units as the Wii in North America last month: 269,000, compared to 274,000 for Nintendo's console. The third best seller was the DS with 251,000 unit sales, while the Xbox 360 and Sony PSP tied for fourth place with roughly 230,000 sales each.

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