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The TR Hardware Survey: What’s in your main PC?

We’re unveiling a new feature today, the TR Hardware Survey. As its name suggests, this feature’s goal is to give both us and you, the reader, an idea of what lurks inside (and immediately outside) the main PCs of those who frequent TR—from die-hard gerbils to first-timers who just happened here by accident. The survey is based on our brand-new poll engine, and it includes 15 questions pertaining to anything from your primary computer’s processor and chipset type to your main operating system and the aspect ratio of your monitor.

Without further ado, here come the questions. Note that the survey applies only to your primary PC, but that the questions are valid for both notebooks and desktops PCs. In other words, if your primary PC is a laptop then you can still participate. Also please note that, because of the way our poll system works, you’ll have to hit "vote" after answering each question. The poll is dynamic, though, so voting won’t refresh the page, and you can keep right on answering questions.