Deal of the week: A $150 GeForce 8800 and a cheap 1TB hard drive

We have a pair of very juicy deals for you this week. The first one, Nvidia's new GeForce 8800 GS, already caught our attention earlier this week when it popped onto Newegg with a $180-190 price tag. Pricing for the card has dropped dramatically since then, and you can currently get one for $149.99. The card in question is XFX's GeForce 8800 GS Alpha Dog Edition. Newegg lists it at $159.99 with free shipping, but you can apply the coupon code "videocard010" (without the quotes) to get the price down to $149.99 shipped.

XFX's GeForce 8800 GS Alpha Dog Edition.

Based on numbers we've seen around the web, this card should only be about 20-25% slower than the full-blown 8800 GT, which makes it a very exciting deal at that price. XFX's card comes with 96 stream processors, 384MB of onboard memory, a 192-bit memory interface, and it's clocked at a 580MHz core speed and 700MHz memory speed—different from Nvidia's 550MHz/800MHz stock specs. XFX also covers it with a "double lifetime" warranty that applies even to overclocked and second-hand cards.

WD's 1TB Caviar GP.

Today's runner-up deal is Western Digital's 1TB Caviar GP hard drive. Where other 1TB hard drives typically retail between $250 and $300 (or sometimes more), Mwave is currently selling this particular model for just $237.77—and with free shipping to boot. As we noted in our review, this drive's variable spindle speed and design tweaks gear it more toward power efficiency than mind-blowing performance. That said, it does have 16MB of cache and support for 300MB/s Serial ATA transfer speeds with Native Command Queuing, and its performance is definitely solid.

The 1TB Caviar GP distinguished itself enough to earn our TR Recommended award, so it's a solid value, especially at $237.77, which works out to just 24 cents per gigabyte.

Update: The 8800 GS above has slightly slower, not slightly faster memory than Nvidia's stock specification. Thanks to TR reader mczak for pointing it out.

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