Wal-Mart to ditch HD DVD, go Blu-ray exclusive

If Warner’s decision to abandon HD DVD hadn’t already sounded the format’s death knell, a related move announced today by Wal-Mart probably will. As the Check Out Blog reports, Wal-Mart has also decided to turn its back on HD DVD. The superstore chain will reportedly stock Blu-ray titles and players exclusively starting in June, leaving only Blu-ray and standard-definition DVD products on its shelves. Wal-Mart’s move follows the recent decisions by Best Buy and Netflix to ditch HD DVD in favor of the competing format.

Unsurprisingly, the HD DVD camp isn’t exactly unfazed by these developments. Ars Technica quotes the Hollywood Reporter as saying "reliable industry sources" believe Toshiba plans to euthanize HD DVD in the coming months. A Toshiba executive told the Hollywood Reporter, "Given the market developments in the past month, Toshiba will continue to study the market impact and the value proposition for consumers, particularly in light of our recent price reductions on all HD DVD players"—a statement that leaves the door open for a potential discontinuation of the format, Ars says.

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