2.5-pound, laptop-style UMPC from HP unveiled

When it comes to laptops, making machines as slender and compact as possible seems to be the order of the day lately—be it Asus with the Eee PC or Apple with the MacBook Air. Engadget now reports that HP is about to get into that game by introducing an ultra-mobile PC dubbed the HP Compaq 2133 that looks somewhat like a riff on the Eee.

According to leaked slides appropriated by Engadget, the HP Compaq 2133 will have a 8.9″ WXGA (1280 x 800) display, an almost-full-sized QWERTY keyboard, a 1Gbps Ethernet port, Wi-Fi, an optional solid-state drive, a webcam, and a choice of Linux or Windows Vista operating systems. Users will be able to expand the machine via an ExpressCard/54 slot, although those looking to dig around the system’s innards will have to deal with what one slide says is a “tamper-proof case” with “no visible screws.”

From a design perspective, the HP Compaq 2133 looks like a cross between a MacBook Pro and an Eee PC, with rounded edges and a stylish an anodized aluminum casing. Engadget doesn’t say how much the machine will cost, but its physical appearance definitely makes it look more expensive than an Eee.

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