PC hardware, software firms create PC Gaming Alliance

Some say PC gaming is dying, but a number of major industry players have joined forces to make sure that doesn't happen. Their effort is the PC Gaming Alliance, a non-profit organization that gathers Acer, Activision, AMD, Dell, Epic Games, Intel, Microsoft, Nvidia, and Razer (not to mention Gateway, which is owned by Acer, and Alienware, which is owned by Dell) for the common purpose of pushing forward the PC as a gaming platform.

According to the consortium's introductory press release, the PCGA has a wide range of goals, including:

  • Using coordinated marketing efforts to push PC gaming.
  • Researching and reporting market data to highlight the PC platform to "analysts, press and the public."
  • Developing guidelines to simplify hardware specifications and introduce new technologies more quickly.
  • Setting up forums to discuss "all aspects of PC development" and provide guidance for solving industry problems like piracy and online cheating.
  • Stimulating the sharing of information between PCGA members.

In short, the PCGA isn't just a marketing effort—the organization also intends to improve the industry, although it hasn't mentioned too many specifics detailing exactly how it plans to simplify hardware specs and speed up technology introductions. According to EE Times, the PCGA actually intends to "collaborate on standards that make it easier for consumers to understand what titles will play on their various computer configurations" and "increase the number of PCs that can run games really well."

Regardless of its intentions, the PCGA has high hopes for the industry. The organization quotes a report by research firm DFC Intelligence that says PC gaming is "one of the fastest-growing segments of the interactive entertainment market" and predicts that the market will grow by 80% over the next five years.

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