VIA to make DDR chipset for P4

Redolent of DDR memory, triumphalists continue to laud AMD's initiative while decrying Intel's series of contretemps with Rambus. That may change according to this C|Net Investor story. With or without Intel's blessing, VIA Technologies' trumpet will take on a strident tone with the planned release during Q1 2001 of the PX266, a DDR chipset capable of supporting the Pentium 4. Upon its debut, the Pentium 4 will be married to the i850 Tehama chipset which utilizes the more expensive and controversial Rambus DRAM. It will not be until Q3 2001 that Intel will market a DDR chipset for the Pentium 4. While Intel has licensed other chipset makers to make products for the Pentium 4 in Q4 of this year, Intel's Craig Barrett demurred at revealing the specific parties involved and VIA did not comment on whether or not it was one of the licensees. If VIA follows through, will earlier than expected DDR memory support prove to be the Pentium 4's savior?
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