Google pushes for Photoshop on Linux

Going along with yesterday's forum tidings topic, we've noticed that Google has made a move that could lead more graphic artists and designers to ditch Windows XP or Windows Vista for a Linux distribution. As CNet Asia reports, the search company is providing funding to CodeWeavers for a project aiming to make Adobe Photoshop run better on Linux.

Of course, Adobe doesn't make a version of Photoshop natively designed for the free operating system just yet. Instead, the CodeWeavers project Google is funding uses Wine—a Linux compatibility layer for Windows software—to get the graphic editing software running on Linux. Dan Kegel, Wine release manager and Google Software Engineering Team member, says on the Google Open Source Blog that CodeWeavers' task is to improve support for Photoshop CS and CS2, the two previous version of Photoshop.

According to CNet Asia, a Novell survey found that Photoshop is "the top non-Linux application that Linux users would like to have." There is an open-source alternative to Photoshop, GIMP, but many users criticize its unusual user interface and relative lack of intuitiveness.

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