Walt Mossberg reviews the ThinkPad X300

Lenovo hasn’t yet released its ThinkPad X300 notebook, but that hasn’t stopped information about virtually every aspect of the machine from leaking out. Walt Mossberg has now posted a review of the X300 that includes some additional details and, naturally, the Wall Street Journal columnist’s opinions on the system.

According to Mossberg, the ThinkPad X300 is coming out next week and will be available only with a 64GB solid-state drive. Pricing will range from $2,476 for a stripped-down version with no DVD drive to around $3,000 for a full-featured model, although users will also be able to get a $2,799 model with a half-size battery and a DVD drive. Mossberg says the full battery lasted just over three hours during intensive testing, but he expects it to last for just under four hours of normal usage.

Interestingly, despite his fondness for Apple systems, Mossberg has many good things to say about the ThinkPad X300. He commends the fact that, although the notebook isn’t quite a thin or as light as the MacBook Air, Lenovo engineers were able to squeeze in a full range of ports, a DVD drive, a removable battery, and functionality like wireless WAN and GPS. He says the X300 is a “notable engineering accomplishment” and a “great choice” for road warriors who can afford it and are happy with Windows. Nonetheless, Mossberg is critical of Lenovo’s choice to not offer a cheaper and higher-capacity mechanical hard drive as an option.

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