Intel acquires indie game development house

Remember Project Offset? A currently in-development indie game started off by just three people, the title gained popularity thanks to a rather impressive-looking trailer that showed off the Offset Software team's work last year. The trailer showed third-person melee combat, large Lord of the Rings-style fantasy outdoor environments, and dragons, all apparently rendered in real time.

In an unlikely twist of events, Beyond3D reports that the team responsible for the project has been picked up by Intel. The team posted an announcement on its website saying, "Today we have some major news to announce. Intel has acquired Offset Software. Yes, you read it correctly! Project Offset is going strong and we are excited about things to come. Stay tuned."

As Beyond3D points out, the buyout is likely tied with Intel's upcoming discrete graphics processor, code-named Larrabee. The site speculates that Intel wants to use Project Offset—or some other type of content developed by the same team—to show off Larrabee when it comes out, likely in the 2009-2010 time frame.

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