Triple-core Phenoms to hit pre-built PCs first

Earlier this month, Dell put up a message on its website that led many news sources—including the Associated Press—to declare that the PC maker planned to strip AMD-based PCs from its online business. Since then, Dell has quelled those fears by saying its plan merely involves reducing the ratio of AMD to Intel systems on its site. A new report by DigiTimes suggests AMD hardware is definitely not on its way out at Dell and that the PC maker actually has even more AMD systems planned.

AMD's upcoming triple-core Phenom processors are still scheduled to appear in March, but they'll debut in pre-built PCs instead of the shelves (both real and virtual) of retailers and e-tailers. So which PC makers has AMD gotten as its launch partners for the triple-core Phenom 8000 series? If DigiTimes has its facts straight, they will be none other than Dell and HP—the two biggest PC vendors, both in the U.S. and internationally. These endorsements will come even though the first Phenom 8000 chips should be based on the same B2 revision as current quad-core models, meaning they'll still harbor the infamous TLB erratum.

DigiTimes says its sources think the Dell and HP triple-core machines will be popular because of their "competitive" price-to-performance ratios. The Taiwanese site doesn't say when we can look forward to retail triple-core Phenoms nor how much they'll cost when they hit stores. Considering the Phenom 9500 currently retails for $189.99, the triple-core versions will likely be priced well under $200.

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