Montevina mobile platform to be dubbed Centrino 2

Since the release of the "Carmel" platform with its single-core Pentium M processors five years ago, Intel has stuck with the Centrino name to denote its mobile platforms. Sure, the company has added suffices like "Duo", but nothing to ever really suggest a whole new generation. However, according Intel roadmap information divulged by DailyTech, Intel will stick the "Centrino 2" label on an upcoming Montevina platform that's expected in June.

DailyTech has related information about various aspects of Montevina, from the prices and specifications of the chips it will house to the chipsets Intel has lined up for the platform. The Montevina CPU lineup will reportedly include 12 chips, of which seven will be "Performance Small Form Factor" models with thermal envelopes of 5.5W to 25W and clock speeds ranging from 1.2GHz to 2.4GHz. Prices for the small-form-factor chips will hover in a relatively tight range between $262 and $316. By contrast, the regular chips will be clocked at 2.26-2.8GHz with 25-35W thermal envelopes, and they'll cost $209 to $530 depending on the model. All aforementioned models will be based on 45nm process technology.

Moving on to chipsets, DailyTech says Intel has three in store for Montevina: the GM45, GM47, and PM45. The first two will have new X4500 HD integrated graphics, which will feature much greater performance than its predecessors as well as support for DirectX 10 graphics, HDMI, and DisplayPort. Graphics performance is expected to be about twice that of the existing X3100 IGP found in today's latest Centrino notebooks. As for the PM45, it will lack an integrated graphics core and be destined for notebook with discrete AMD or Nvidia graphics processors. All three chipsets will support 1066MHz front-side bus speeds and both DDR2 and DDR3 RAM.

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