Mozilla has more speed improvements in store for Firefox 3

If you thought the Beta 3 release of Firefox 3 that came out recently was fast, you may be pleasantly surprised by the final release. The folks over at CyberNet News have benchmarked a handful of browsers and compared them to several pre-release versions of Firefox 3, with interesting results.

The test in question is the SunSpider JavaScript Benchmark, which times how quickly a browser can handle a variety of core JavaScript code types. CyberNet News found that the Firefox 3 Beta 3 release ran the test almost twice as fast as Firefox  On top of that, the February 25 Firefox 3 nightly build was almost twice as fast as the Beta 3 build, so almost four times faster than Firefox 2. That same nightly build also handily outperformed the Opera 9.5 beta, the Safari 3.0.4 beta, and Internet Explorer 7, which was the slowest of the bunch.

The next Firefox 3 beta release is already on the way, and the final 3.0 release will presumably follow within the next few weeks.

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