Corsair unveils 1kW power supply

We were pretty impressed with Corsair's first stab at a power supply, and we even gave an our Editor's Choice award for its excellent modular cabling system, five-year warranty, remarkably high efficiency, and low noise levels. Still, Corsair has taken some time to catch up with its competitors in terms of raw power supply wattages. The company's first units were rated for 520W and 620W, and it only recently introduced a 750W model, which is part of a "value" line and lacks modular cabling.

Today, Corsair unveiled a new power supply that can finally play in the same ballpark as some of the most powerful enthusiast PSUs out there. The new HX1000W is part of the same "HX" range as Corsair's first 520W and 620W, and it boasts some of the same goodies. However, the new unit is bigger, meaner, and rated for up to 1000W of power delivery thanks to two 12V rails that can output a combined 80A (960W) of power.

Corsair's new baby. Source: Corsair.

The HX1000W also features modular cabling, a whopping six PCI Express connectors (of both the six- and eight-pin varieties), an 80%+ efficiency rating, solid-state capacitors rated for operation at up to 105°C, active power factor correction, a thermally controlled 140mm fan, and a five-year warranty. Nvidia has also certified the HX1000W under its new three-way SLI multi-GPU scheme. Corsair's suggested price tag for the new HX is a hefty $279.99—$100 more than the company's 750W unit.

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