Leaked roadmap gives peek into AMD's notebook plans

Media attention has largely focused on AMD's Phenom processors lately, but the company's notebook processor business is far from dead. As we reported last December, AMD still plans to introduce a new mobile platform dubbed "Puma" this year. Puma will combine a new processor code-named "Griffin," a new RS780M chipset, and a new M8x graphics processor. AMD also has a "Shrike" platform planned for 2009 that will apparently include its first chip with a built-in GPU core, dubbed "Swift."

AMD hasn't revealed many details regarding the processors in its upcoming Puma and Shrike platforms, but the folks at German site Computerbase.de have laid their hands on some leaked "draft" roadmaps that contain new information. According to the roadmap slides, Griffin will launch in six different flavors in the second quarter of this year: three Turion Ultras, one Turion, one Athlon, and one Sempron. All models will have dual cores except for the Sempron, cache sizes will range from 2MB to 512KB, and clock speeds will go from 2.3GHz to 1.9GHz. The number of fancy power management options will scale down from the fastest to the slowest chips, as well.

Moving on to Shrike, Computerbase.de's leaked draft roadmap suggests its Swift processor will come in the second half of 2009 in two flavors. "Black Swift" will have two cores (both based on the same architecture as Phenom), while "White Swift" will have just one processor core and one GPU core. The two chips will be based on 45nm process technology, and they'll both have support for DDR3 memory.

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