Battlefield Heroes previewed

Valve surprised gamers when it gave them a first glimpse of the revamped Team Fortress 2 last July, showing a very distinct and cartoony visual style. Digital Illusions CE has now applied the same formula to its Battlefield series of games, and it's preparing a new title called Battlefield Heroes that's a radical departure from previous games in the series—both in terms of visual style and gameplay.

DICE released a trailer showing off Battlefield Heroes today, and Shacknews has now posted a preview of the game. As the Shack says, DICE wants to create a more casual experience to rope in gamers other than die-hard first-person shooter fans. To do this, the company has made a number of changes to the classic Battlefield formula.

Aside from the cartoony look, Battlefield Heroes will feature light system requirements, a third-person camera, a simpler interface, speedier and more maneuverable vehicles, no friendly fire or one-hit kills, skill match-making, and a conquest "meta-game." The game's World War 2 connotations have also been blurred, with teams dubbed the Royal Army and National Army fighting over something to do with the Olympics—"Yes, really," Shacknews comments.

Most importantly, the title will be available free of charge from the Battlefield Heroes website. DICE will rely on advertising placed on the website and the game's loading screen for revenue. Battlefield Heroes is scheduled to become available later this year.

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