Asus readies Eee PC with larger display

The Eee PC may have gained a strong following for its affordable price, portability, and features, but the device has also garnered a fair amount of criticism for its tiny screen, which measures just 7" diagonally with a resolution of only 800 x 480. There have been rumors of an Eee PC with a larger display, and Asus actually showed one at Computex shortly after first unveiling the Eee, but the company still hasn't publicly introduced any such device.

However, according to a report by French site, that's all about to change. The site got a peek at Asus' press release for the for the CeBIT trade show currently taking place in Hanover, Germany, and it reportedly announces a bigger Eee model. The press release isn't up on Asus' site yet, but says it talks of an Eee PC 900 with an 8.9" display, 1GB of memory, and 12GB of solid-state storage capacity. Despite the meaty hardware, the device will reportedly retain the same form factor as the Eee PC 700—not a surprising design choice, since the 700 has a fair amount of empty space around its display. says we can look forward to the Eee PC 900 hitting stores in the summer. Pricing will climb from €299 for the Eee PC 700 to €399 for the Eee PC 900 in Europe. Considering the current relationship between European and U.S. hardware prices (and the sinking dollar), we'd wager that the new laptop will be priced somewhere in the neighborhood of $499 in the United States.

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