MacBook Air selling well, reports indicate

Despite the MacBook Air's high price tag, spartan hardware, and lack of a removable battery, reports suggest Apple's new ultra-thin laptop is selling very well. Apple hasn't yet released any sales data, but Ars Technica says the system is still difficult to find even after a whole month in stores.

As Ars explains, Apple quotes a five to seven day lead time on the device on its online store, and a large number of Apple Stores around the country don't have the notebook in stock—even though many of them are getting "daily refreshes of stock," the site hears. One staffer at an Apple Store in Burlington, Massachusetts told Ars that demand was "extremely high" and that customers have been led to cough up the $3098 for the solid state drive-equipped Air variant because it "stayed in stock longer."

Ars goes on to say it heard the same tune from a Best Buy salesman who stated that MacBook Air stocks at the consumer electronics store chain are "pretty thin." Users shopping at Amazon aren't spared the tight supply, either—the online retailer isn't shipping MacBook Airs until the middle of this month. There is naturally a chance supply could be tight simply because Apple isn't getting enough machines manufactured. But then again, the Air is listed as the number one seller among Macs on the Apple Store front page, surpassing both the cheaper MacBook and the iMac.

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