AMD shows off 45nm wafers at CeBIT

Despite recent setbacks in its microprocessor business, AMD appears to be making progress. Yesterday, we learned that the company has started shipping samples of TLB erratum-free, revision B3 quad-core Opteron processors to partners, and that the first servers based on the chips are scheduled for early in the second quarter. Today at the ongoing CeBIT trade show in Germany, AMD gave members of the press their first sneak peek at its forthcoming 45nm processors.

The peek involved wafers and actual working systems, and AMD is flaunting pictures of 45nm chip dies on its website (see our image gallery below). AMD says it demonstrated both its "Shanghai" server core, which will show up in 45nm quad-core Opterons, and its "Deneb" desktop core, which will appear in quad-core Phenoms. In a Q&A document (PDF) on its press page, AMD says it's on track to ramp production of 45nm CPUs in the first half of this year and to have 45nm processors available in the second half of the year. "Shanghai" and "Deneb" will be the first to make use of the new process technology, AMD adds.

The statement regarding 45nm ramps suggests AMD hasn't changed its schedule recently, despite what CEO Hector Ruiz suggested during AMD's fourth-quarter financial results conference call. Ruiz then said he was looking forward to the 45nm ramp taking place in the second half of the year (although he was later contradicted by President and COO Dirk Meyer). According to recent reports on rumor sites, 45nm Phenoms may show up as early as the third quarter of this year.

Update: AMD did also show systems running its 45nm quad-core chips at the show. Apologies for the confusion.

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