TR Forum Tidings: Form factor choices

Picking a good case to house a spanking-new set of parts that still has that new computer smell is a daunting task. There are many offerings to choose from that cater to all types of users, from the aluminum chassis with windows and pre-installed neon fans, to the budget case with a built-in power supply, to the quiet dream case padded with noise insulating foam. But before even getting to those choices, one must settle on a form factor.

That happens to be the, er, case for forum newbie Kurotetsu, who posted a thread in our Cases and Power Supplies forum asking for help choosing between full- and mid-tower enclosures. Kurotetsu says he's tempted by Cooler Master's Cosmo S case, but that he doesn't like the size and weight associated with full-tower offerings. However, he says he could be swayed if someone made a good enough case for the form factor, beyond mentioning the typical real estate and cooling perks.

The ensuing discussion is split. Some gerbils say they have no need for the roominess and oodles of drive bays provided by larger cases, while others prefer working in larger enclosures and suggest that offerings like the Antec P180 are worth it just for their build quality and features. Some also favor "intermediate" offerings that sit between the two in terms of size and offer the best of both worlds. So, what would you do in Kurotetsu's shoes? Are you more biased toward tighter form factors, cooling and expansion be damned, or do you favor the roominess and (usually) enthusiast-friendly features of larger cases? Feel free to hit the thread and contribute if you have something to say. As always, you'll want to register a forum account first if you don't already have one.

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