Charlie's Angels movie and auction

This is not technology related but if you are like me and a fan of the original Charlie's Angels serial, you may be interested in this press release announcing an exclusive auction commemorating the opening of the new movie today:
One-of-a-kind items from the ``Charlie's Angels'' set, wardrobe and props including Dylan's (Barrymore) classic '69 Camaro, Charlie's (John Forsythe) speaker phone, Bosley's (Bill Murray) couch, Alex's (Liu) parachute jumpsuit and Natalie's (Diaz) gold bikini from the opening scene will be up for the highest bid on Yahoo! Auctions or directly at now through November 15, 2000. The auction will be promoted throughout Yahoo! and the SPDE network, making it easy for fans to get right into the bidding excitement. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Entertainment Industry Foundation, a charitable organization serving as a liaison between numerous worthy causes and thousands of individuals and organizations in the entertainment industry.
You will have to read the rest. There will also be a webcast of the upcoming Tomb Raider live-action movie on November 9th:
The experience begins right here on the official site at 7:30pm GMT, 2:30pm ET, 11:30am PT. The event will be rebroadcast later in the day at 10pm ET, 7pm PT for those of you who can't attend the first go around. These are your only chances to catch this exclusive event, so don't miss it!

You'll need a Real Player in order to view the Event.

Enough cheesecake.
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