Coming to America: play games for free?

This may only encourage Dr. Evil. In the tradition of software emulators but even better comes "Europe's hottest free gaming site" (I had no idea). Here is the press release:
LONDON, Nov. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- A preview of Europe's hottest import is hitting American shores this week! gives users something for nothing by offering top-name and quality computer games for free. After a hugely successful European launch, the revolutionary gaming destination from video games developer Pure Entertainment is already one of the UK's most popular sites. With members and popularity rapidly growing abroad, the US beta site already offers fun-loving Americans over 35 games free for either download or browser play. The full US site will officially go live before Christmas. offers a variety of titles to satisfy anyone wanting fun and entertainment -- and each game can be downloaded for free. Featuring well-known retail games and new and exclusive titles, will cover the most popular genres including action, strategy, sports, and retro classics. Currently featuring more than 35 full-length games including titles popular in the US such as Grand Theft Auto, Hidden & Dangerous, Magic and Mayhem and the role playing game Cosrin. Cosrin is a live on-line, exquisitely crafted world, a Multi-User Role Playing Game. Thousands of players can play at the same time, real people interacting in a make-believe world where the fantasy and the challenges are limited only by the depth of their imagination. Cosrin was until recently hosted on AOL -- where users paid $1.99 per hour to play! The site will also feature news, reviews, hints & tips and lots of other fun things.

We were just overwhelmed with PS2 mania and now this. Market saturation? I wonder if this is going to take off here.
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