Acer, ECS both prepping Eee PC killers

Asus unveiled a new and improved version of its Eee PC sub-notebook with a larger, 8.9" display at CeBIT this week, but the company could soon face competition from two other players in the notebook space: Acer and ECS.

According to British site Pocket-lint, ECS has a sub-$500 notebook known as the G10IL in the works. The machine will reportedly have an HSDPA 7.2 card built into it, as well as a webcam, Ethernet, a 56k modem, and most likely Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Pocket-lint reveals little else about the machine, but the site has a handful of pictures that help illustrate how it will compare with the Eee. The G10IL apparently has a bigger footprint with a fairly large display (we’re guessing at least 9") and a keyboard reminiscent of the MacBook’s.

Meanwhile, Engadget heard from a German Acer executive that the company has an Eee PC killer scheduled for the second or third quarter of this year. Engadget suggests the system will have a display size of 7" to 9", but it offers few other details.

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