45nm AMD 'Shanghai' processor snapped in CPU-Z

AMD's fabs lie only about three hours away from CeBIT, so the CPU maker took the opportunity to show off both running 45nm processors and 45nm wafers at the show earlier this week. Fuad Abazovic from Fudzilla was on the scene, and he's managed to snag a couple of pictures of a working 45nm quad-core Opteron system in action.

The machine seems to be running Windows Server 2003, and it has a shrunk-down Task Manager showing 16 activity graphs—a hint that there were actually four 45nm Opterons kicking around in the demo server. Fudo also got a close-up shot of CPU-Z running on the system, revealing a few key stats about one of the four processors. (Unfortunately, those stats didn't include the chip's clock speed, since CPU-Z's clock area was apparently grayed out.)

CPU-Z suggests the chip has a Socket F package just like that of existing Opterons and a core voltage of 1.15V. Supported instruction sets are the same as in existing K10 Phenoms and Opterons, namely SSE2, SSE3, SSE4A, x86-64, and of course MMX and 3DNow! from the olden days. On the cache front, each core has the same 512KB of L2 cache as existing K10 models, but AMD has bumped the amount of shared L3 cache on each chip from 2MB to 6MB.

This sample was presumably running at lower-than-production speeds, but Fudo says he expects production chips to hit 3GHz and up. Current quad-core Opterons, by contrast, only go up to 2GHz.

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