New Crysis patch hits the web

Crytek has released a new update for Crysis, bringing the resource-hungry tropical first-person shooter to version 1.2. The patch, which weighs in at just over 361MB, can be downloaded here on FileShack. A list of changes and bugs is hosted here by Shacknews, as well.

Among the (considerable) list of changes in the release notes, gamers will find references to a number of performance and stability optimizations pertaining to antialiasing-related memory leaks, physics-related memory leaks, high-quality motion blur, decals generated by destroyable objects, and miscellaneous glitches. Crytek has also fixed a large number of minor bugs related to the game's weapons and vehicles, and it has ironed out issues pertaining to both the single-player campaign and multiplayer. Fixes range from artificial intelligence and weapon damage tweaks to the addition of team colors to kill and death messages in multiplayer.

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