Apple releases iPhone SDK, plans software update

Although initially promised for February and subsequently postponed, the iPhone SDK has finally arrived. Well, a beta version of it has, anyway. As AppleInsider reports, Apple announced the immediate availability of the SDK beta during a press conference yesterday. With it, the company also revealed that the iPhone 2.0 software update is slated for release in June.

The SDK can be nabbed for free from Apple’s iPhone Dev Center page, and developers have the option of coughing up either $99 or $299 to join the iPhone Developer Program and get extra perks. According to Apple, those perks include the ability to test software on the iPhone or iPod touch, development support from Apple engineers, a presence on the official App Store for the iPhone, and additional resources in the developer center. Users who grab the free SDK will be able to test their software using an iPhone emulator, but AppleInsider says that emulator currently only works on Macs.

During the conference, Apple CEO Steve Jobs said the company was “excited about creating a vibrant third party developer community with potentially thousands of native applications for iPhone and iPod touch.” The App Store will be instrumental in reaching that goal, since it’ll reportedly allow users to download and install software wirelessly straight from the devices. The App Store will roll out with the iPhone 2.0 software, as will a whole slew of enterprise-friendly features, including support for Exchange ActiveSync, Cisco IPsec virtual private networks, and WPA2 Enterprise Wi-Fi encryption. The new software revision will let administrators configure multiple iPhones at once, as well.

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