Sunday Shortbread


  1. The Register reports that ex-Transmeta CEO David Ditzel joins Intel
  2. X-bit labs report that Yorkfield processors to start selling next week (thanks p645n)
  3. SquareTrade's report on Xbox 360 failure rates
  4. DailyTech reports that quantum computer researchers store "sub-zero" light vacuum
  5. Guru3D covers CeBIT 2008
  6. SuperSite for Windows has Apple iPhone 2.0 software preview
  7. Shacknews has the video game release list of 3/9 - 3/15
  8. StarCraft II screenshots
  9. [OC]ModShop has Sam & Max: Night of the Raving Dead walkthrough

  1. Overclockers Club reviews Asus P5E3 Premium
  2. HardwareOC Austria reviews Sapphire Radeon HD 3870 X2 (in German)
  3. t-break reviews Gigabyte GeForce 8800 GT TurboForce
  4. Legit Reviews on Maximo iP-HS1 & iP-HS2 iMetalâ„¢ stereo / isolation headsets
  5. Overclockers Club reviews Saitek GM2400 laser mouse
  6. Hardware Secrets reviews 650W WattSmart PSU
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