Amiga introduces SDK for Windows

Pique your interest? ZDNet has this short note:
Amiga, which recently signed its first hardware partners in six years, announced a new software developers kit for Windows. The SDK provides developers with tools and examples to create Amiga applications on PCs running Windows. The new SDK is available through local retailers and from the Amiga site for $99.
And there was much rejoicing. Here is Amiga's official announcement "so the world may know":
Oct 30, 2000, Snoqualmie, WA - Amiga Inc., developer of multi-media, multi-platform digital environments announced the release today of its software development kit for Microsoft Windows™.

The Amiga Software Developers Kit provides the initial tools and examples for developers to create applications that can run on desktops, information appliances, set top boxes, PDAs, and game systems without modification. Amiga uses Virtual Processor (VP) technology to erase the boundaries that separate different hardware architectures. Once a program is written, the same binary will run on every platform that Amiga supports. Software Developers running Microsoft Windows™ can focus on developing applications instead of porting to different platforms.

October 30? Heresy! It must have slipped through the cracks. The SDK will set you back 99 bucks from local retailers or the Amiga web site.
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