MSI to go up against Eee with 10-inch Atom-based laptop

Last week, we brought you news of upcoming "Eee PC killers" from both Acer and ECS. Today, we've learned that yet another one of Asus' Taiwanese peers is about to jump in the cheap sub-notebook arena.

This time, Gizmodo reports that MSI is cooking up a small and affordable Eee PC competitor. The device is known as the MSI Wind (no, there's no apparent connection with the Everex CloudBook) and it looks like a more rounded and Mac-like version of the Eee. However, the Wind has a few advantages over the Asus current budget sub-notebooks: it has a 10" display that's larger than even the 8.9" screen on the forthcoming Eee PC 900, it's based on one of Intel's new Atom processors, and it will be available with both solid-state drives and conventional 2.5" hard drives. Asus also plans to slap Atom processors and hard drives into its Eee PC, but it won't do so for some time yet.

Gizmodo says the Wind will also have 1GB of RAM, a choice of Linux or Windows operating systems, and a claimed battery life of no less than seven hours. Like the Eee PC, the Wind will be available in different hues—Gizmodo mentions blue, silver, and pink flavors, and its photos show the latter two. Price-wise, the site quotes a range of €299 to €699, which we'd expect to equate to something like $350-750 in the States considering the current relationship between U.S. and European prices.

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