Take-Two officially announces BioShock 2

Gamers will be able to dive back into the depths of Rapture (or some related location) next year, Take-Two Interactive announced during its latest quarterly financial results conference call. As Shacknews reports, the company says a second BioShock title is on track for a release in the fourth quarter of its 2009 fiscal year, meaning some time between August and October 2009.

The upcoming title won't be developed by the same studios that made its predecessor. Instead, Shacknews says BioShock 2 will be put together by the team at the Novato, California-based 2K Marin studio. Still, that development house reportedly plays host to "several" of the staffers from the 2K Boston and 2K Australia studios (formerly Irrational Games) who worked on BioShock. Ken Levine—the lead designer on BioShock and older Irrational titles like System Shock 2—will also be involved with the project, although his home studio of 2K Boston is working on another game, and his exact role isn't clear.

Take-Two hasn't announced which platforms BioShock 2 will grace, but Shacknews says an appearance on both the PC and Xbox 360 is likely. The site adds that 2K Games President Christopher Hartmann suggested earlier this year that we may see BioShock 2 hit the PlayStation 3, as well.

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