Friday Shortbread


  1. TG Daily reports that Intel's CPU+GPU for desktops and notebooks to arrive in Q2 2009
  2. DigiTimes reports that Intel to launch quad-core notebook CPU in Q3 2008
  3. iPodNN reports that Microsoft plans mobile Zune store, third-gen player
  4. DailyTech reports that ZapMedia files lawsuit against Apple's iTunes
    and Bill Gates calls on Congress to extend H-1B Visas
  5. Sony's MDR-NC500D headphone claims to cancel 99% of noise
  6. Ars Technica on the night the IETF turned off IPv4
    and making a penguin do your bidding: a review of the Tux Droid
  7. PC Perspective's podcast #24—Asus U2E, AMD 780G,
    Nvidia on ray tracing, Intel Atom, and AMD 45nm
Software, gaming, and guides

  1. The Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL) ceases operations
  2. The IE8 favorites bar
  3. [OC]ModShop unleashes the full potential of Windows Vista's address bar
  4. bit-tech has a modder's guide to acrylic
  5. Techware Labs have power supply (PSU) purchasing guide
  6. GamersHell has PS3 firmware update 2.17
  7. Announcing the Dobbs Challenge game competition
Systems, power, case, and cooling

  1. HardwareZone reviews Apple MacBook Air
  2. t-break reviews Asus U6S ultra-mobile notebook
  3. TweakTown reviews 320GB Western Digital Scorpio 2.5" HDD
  4. ProClockers review 1020W AeroCool HorsePower PSU
  5. DriverHeaven reviews Ultra Products MicroFly SX6 Micro ATX case
  6. Techgage reviews Zalman Reserator XT
  7. SilentPCReview on akasa AK-965 Intel cooler
  8. Overclockers Club reviews CoolJag Falcon 92 Cu
  9. FrostyTech reviews Asus Silent Knight II

  1. CPU3D reviews VVIKOO GeForce 9600 GT Turbo
  2. Technic3D reviews Sapphire HD Radeon 3870 X2 CrossFire X (in German)
  3. HotHardware reviews Sapphire Radeon HD 3650 512MB
  4. Sharky Extreme reviews PNY XLR8 GeForce 8800 GTS 512MB
  5. Big Bruin reviews Asus Xonar D2X 7.1-channel sound card
  6. hardCOREware reviews Logitech G51 surround sound speaker system
  7. bit-tech reviews Icy Box IB-MP303S-B 3.5" HDD media player
  8. Digital Trends reviews Samsung BlackJack II
  9. HardwareZone's first look at LG KS20 GSM mobile phone
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