Deal of the week: A $35.99 2GB memory kit

They said memory prices would go back up. Actually, they've been saying that for months now, but 2GB DDR2 memory kits are still as cheap as ever. Perhaps even more so: as our deal this week, we're starring a 2GB kit of Kingston's DDR2-667 memory that Newegg is selling for an eye-popping $35.99. This isn't the fastest memory around by any means, but it's a fantastic deal either for a new budget PC or as an upgrade for an older system that already has a couple gigs of DDR2-667 RAM in it (and so won't benefit from anything faster).

If you're building a new mid-range or high-end rig, though, you'll probably want to pay a little extra for some DDR2-800 RAM. Kingston's 2GB DDR2-800 kits are $42.99 a piece at Newegg, which is still an excellent price. 800MHz is the maximum DDR2 memory speed officially supported by most newer systems, so being able to get either two gigs of it for $43 or four gigs for $86 is certainly a great opportunity.

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