2.5GHz Phenoms to hit stores within two weeks?

Three months ago, AMD told us it planned to introduce speedier Phenom processors in the second quarter. We later heard reports that the chips wouldn't show up until May or June, but now DigiTimes says it has learned that AMD has updated its launch schedule and plans to unveil higher-clocked Phenoms much sooner than that.

Citing its usual informants at motherboard makers, DigiTimes says AMD has five B3-stepping Phenom processors lined up for a release "within the next 1-2 weeks." Among the five will be Phenom 9650 and Phenom 9550 offerings—TLB-erratum-free versions of the existing 9600 and 9500—as well as speedier 9750 and 9850 models and a slower Phenom 9150. DigiTimes says the Phenom 9850 will be clocked at 2.5GHz, and we presume the 9750 will run at 2.4GHz. As for the 9150, that model is expected to run at only 1.8GHz.

That's not all. According to DigiTimes, AMD also has three B3 triple-core Phenoms with 8750, 8650, and 8450 model numbers scheduled for late April. A 2.3GHz Phenom 8600 and a 2.1GHz Phenom 8400 have already started showing up in some pre-built PCs, so the 8650 and 8450 will likely be B3 versions of the same models. If AMD stays consistent with its naming scheme, the 8750 should run at 2.4GHz.

Finally, DigiTimes adds that AMD has several new dual-core processors up its sleeve. The chipmaker is cooking up Phenom-based Athlon 6250 and 6050 processors for the end of the second quarter, DigiTimes explains, and additional Athlon 64 X2 5800+ and Athlon 64 X2 5600+ Black Edition chips are due some time between now and the end of April.

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