Opinion: Intel and DDR clarified

I am not a geek takes its turn at bat to clarify the Intel and DDR situation:
Based on popular opinion and traditional length of court issues, Rambus WILL be in our faces until at least 2003. Reason being that all the memory makers of TEAM DDR who did NOT sign their souls over to Rambus (and quite a few that are in bed with them including Intel)are busily working on the next memory upgrade to DDR and are making quite sure that Rambus isn't a part of it. However, they don't anticipate being finished with the new memory standard until 2003. So we have to put up with Rambus until then. And so does Intel.

The only ways this won't happen is if Rambus looses one of it's court battles with Infineon, Hyundai, or Micron early. If this happens it may easily cause a massive backlash against Rambus as each memory vendor who signed on with the black sheep will take their support away faster than a 1.2 gig T-bird with PC2100 DDR RAM, (and THAT'S pretty darn fast!)....

Sure to provoke more reactions.
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