Poll: Will you get a Blu-ray player now?

So, it's over. The HD DVD camp has admitted defeat, and Blu-ray has emerged as the victorious high-definition disc format, promising to take us to a brave new world of 1080p movies and 50GB discs crammed with Linux ISOs. What does that mean for you, though? Is the end of the format war compelling you to jump on the HD bandwagon and get a Blu-ray player, or are you still waiting? That's the question at the heart of our latest poll, which you'll find both on our front page and further down this one. Feel free to vote and let us know where you stand.

Our previous poll was about e-mail access, and we asked you how you typically fetch your personal e-mail. 55% of voters responded saying they use web-based e-mail services, while 24% said they access an ISP e-mail account with traditional software. Another 12% also use traditional e-mail software, but with another type of non-web-based account, while only 4% of users said they primarily use handheld devices to check their mail.

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